Product List

Adapters, Thermocouple
Alloys, Thermocouple
Amplifiers, Trip, Thermocouple and Millivolt
Cables, Thermocouple
Cables, Thermocouple, Aerospace
Calibrating Equipment, Thermocouple
Chart Recorders, Portable, Thermocouple Inputs
Controllers, On and Off, Thermocouple Input
Drum Heaters
Drum Heaters, Band Type
Drum Heaters, Base
Drum Heaters, Bottom Type
Drum Heaters, Horizontal Cradle Type
Drum Heaters, Induction
Drum Heaters, Jacket Type
Drum Heaters, Side, Silicone
Drum Heaters, Vertical
Feedthroughs, Thermocouple

Heater Mats
Heater Mats, Aluminium Foil
Heater Mats, Silicone
Heaters, Cast Aluminium
Heaters, Core Immersion, Flameproof, Industrial Process
Heaters, Immersion, Flanged
Heaters, Immersion, Screwplug
Heaters, Immersion, to Specification
Heating Element Distributors or Agents
Heating Element Manufrs,
Heating Elements, Air
Heating Elements, Band
Heating Elements, Cartridge Type
Heating Elements, Cartridge, Finned
Heating Elements, Cast
Heating Elements, Cast, Iron Alloy
Heating Elements, Catering Industry
Heating Elements, Ceramic
Heating Elements, Ceramic Knuckle
Heating Elements, Circular, Edge Wound
Heating Elements, Coil
Heating Elements, Coil, Aquarium Heater
Heating Elements, Coil, Ceramic Hot Plate
Heating Elements, Coil, Iron Chrome Aluminium Alloy
Heating Elements, Coil, Iron Chrome Aluminium Alloy, with Leads
Heating Elements, Coil, Iron Chrome Aluminium Alloy, with Terminals

Heating Elements, Coil, Nickel Chrome
Heating Elements, Coil, Nickel Chrome, with Leads
Heating Elements, Coil, Nickel Chrome, with Terminals
Heating Elements, Coil, Oven
Heating Elements, Coil, with Leads
Heating Elements, Coil, with Terminal
Heating Elements, Copper, to Specification
Heating Elements, Core, Ceramic
Heating Elements, Electric
Heating Elements, Electric Oven
Heating Elements, Flat
Heating Elements, Flexible
Heating Elements, Flexible, Etched Foil
Heating Elements, Flexible, Wire Wound
Heating Elements, Foil
Heating Elements, Furnace (Electric)
Heating Elements, High Temperature
Heating Elements, Industrial
Heating Elements, Industrial Process Heater
Heating Elements, Infrared
Heating Elements, Infrared, Ceramic
Heating Elements, Irons, Mica
Heating Elements, Kettles, Mica
Heating Elements, Mica
Heating Elements, Mica, Insulated
Heating Elements, Mica, to Specification
Heating Elements, Nickel Alloy, to Specification
Heating Elements, Plastic Processing Machinery
Heating Elements, Positive Temperature Coefficient
Heating Elements, Radiant
Heating Elements, Refrigeration Defrosting Heater
Heating Elements, Ribbon, Alloy
Heating Elements, Rod
Heating Elements, Rod, Alloy
Heating Elements, Rod, Cartridge
Heating Elements, Rod, Defrost
Heating Elements, Rod, Finned
Heating Elements, Round
Heating Elements, Sheathed Submersible
Heating Elements, Sheathed Tubular
Heating Elements, Sheathed, Tubular, Industrial Process Heater
Heating Elements, Sheathed, Tubular, Oven
Heating Elements, Sheathed, Tubular, Refrigeration Demisting
Heating Elements, Sheathed, Tubular, to Specification
Heating Elements, Sheathed, Tubular, Water Heater
Heating Elements, Silicone
Heating Elements, Silicone Rubber Surface
Heating Elements, Special Purpose
Heating Elements, Spiral
Heating Elements, Stainless Steel, to Specification
Heating Elements, Steel, to Specification
Heating Elements, Straight, Annealed Copper
Heating Elements, Straight, Annealed Stainless Steel
Heating Elements, Straight, Annealed Steel
Heating Elements, Strip
Heating Elements, Strip, Alloy
Heating Elements, Surface
Heating Elements, Thick Film
Heating Elements, to Specification
Heating Elements, Toasters, Mica
Heating Elements, Tubular
High Temperature Cables, Thermocouple

Immersion Heater Controllers
Immersion Heater Manufrs
Immersion Heaters, Acid Proof
Immersion Heaters, Building Services
Immersion Heaters, Catering
Immersion Heaters, Domestic
Immersion Heaters, Flameproof
Immersion Heaters, Flameproof, Oil and Gas
Immersion Heaters, Flanged, Industrial Process
Immersion Heaters, Hospital
Immersion Heaters, Industrial
Immersion Heaters, Industrial Process
Immersion Heaters, Oil
Immersion Heaters, Oil and Gas
Immersion Heaters, Rod Type, Flameproof, Industrial Process
Immersion Heaters, Safety, Oil and Gas
Immersion Heaters, Tank
Immersion Heaters, to Specification
Immersion Heaters, Water
Meters, Digital Panel, Application Boards, Thermocouple Input
Meters, Panel, Temperature Controller
Meters, Panel, Temperature Indicator, Resistance Thermometer
Meters, Panel, Temperature Indicator, Thermocouple
Meters, Temperature, Digital, Thermocoupled
Oven Thermocouples
Pitot Static Tubes, Thermocouple
Plugs, Thermocouple
Probes, Thermocouple
Quartz Heating Elements
Resistance Temperature Detector/Sensor/Thermometer Manufrs
Resistors, Power
Sensor Elements, Thermocouple
Sensors, Thermocouples, to Specification
Signal Transmitters, Thermocouple and Millivolt
Sockets, Thermocouple
Switches, Thermocouple
Temperature Accessories, Thermocouples
Temperature Control Instrumentation
Temperature Control Panels
Temperature Control Panels, to Specification
Temperature Controllers, Analogue, Panel Mount
Temperature Controllers, Digital, Panel Mount
Temperature Protection Assemblies, Thermocouple, with Extension Leads and Insulating Sleeves

Temperature Sensors, Resistance,
Terminations, Thermocouple
Thermocouple Adapters, Bayonet
Thermocouple Assemblies
Thermocouple Assemblies, High Temperature, Quick Disconnect
Thermocouple Assemblies, High Temperature, with Moulded Transition Junction
Thermocouple Assemblies, Mineral Insulated
Thermocouple Cables, Mineral Insulated
Thermocouple Cables, PTFE/Glass Fibre or Fibreglass Insulated
Thermocouple Compensating Cables
Thermocouple Compensating Cables, Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) Insulated
Thermocouple Compensating Cables, Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) Insulated
Thermocouple Compensating Cables, Perfluoroalkoxy Copolymer (PFA) Insulated
Thermocouple Connectors
Thermocouple Connectors, Ferrite Core
Thermocouple Connectors, High Temperature, Low Noise, High Performance
Thermocouple Input Cards, K
Thermocouple Manufrs
Thermocouple Meters
Thermocouple Probe Assemblies, Subminiature
Thermocouple Probes, High Temperature, Low Noise
Thermocouple Sensors
Thermocouple Sensors, Heavy Duty
Thermocouple Test Sets
Thermocouple Wire
Thermocouple Wire, Double Stranded, Duplex Extension
Thermocouple Wire, Duplex Insulated
Thermocouple Wire, Metal Sheathed
Thermocouple Wire, Twisted, Shielded
Thermocouples, Ceramic Heater
Thermocouples, High Temperature
Thermocouples, K Type
Thermocouples, Mineral Insulated
Thermocouples, Non Contact
Thermocouples, Precision, Digital
Thermocouples, Special Purpose
Thermocouples, Temperature linear
Transducers, Thermocouple Temperature to Direct Current (DC) Signal
Two Wire Transmitters, Resistance Temperature Sensor
Two Wire Transmitters, Thermocouple and Millivolt
Water Heaters, Immersion Tube, Direct Gas Fired

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