Band Heaters & Strip Heaters

Band and strip heaters are an energy efficent and low cost method of producting heat precisely where required. They are commonly used in the injection, extrusion and blow moulding manufacturing process and in the packaging and catering industry. Our in house engineers will advise what you need for application.

Band Heaters

Types of band heaters available:

  • Mica
  • Ceramic Knuckle (HT)
  • Ceramic Filled (VHT)
  • Cast Aluminium
  • Industrial Applications: Injection/extrusion moulding machines
  • Catering Applications: Pie dies and pressure fryers

Strip Heaters

Types of strip heaters available:

  • Mica Strip Heaters
  • Ceramic Filled Htemp
  • Finned Ceramic Heaters
  • Aluminium Strip Heaters
  • Industrial Applications: Die blocks, screen changers and sealing machines