Mica Heater Heating Elements

Standard Nozzle Type

With 1 metre fibreglass leads:

25mm DIA. 30mm DIA. 32mm DIA. 35mm DIA. 38mm DIA. 40mm DIA. 45mm DIA. 50mm DIA.
25x25x100W 30x25x150W 32x25x150W 35x25x150W 38x25x200W 40x20x175W 45x25x225W 50x25x250W
25x32x100W 30x30x150W 32x32x150W 35x30x200W 38x32x200W 40x25x200W 45x30x250W 50x38x300W
25x38x150W 30x38x200W 32x38x200W 35x38x225W 38x38x250W 40x30x200W 45x38x275W 50x50x350W

This product is accepted across many industries as the standard where it is essential to have reliable heat when and where it is most required. Quality and reliability is achieved by using the highest grade heating elements materials and quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process. The result is a product which attains the minimum downtime of machinery. Please state: Internal diameter - Width - Wattage and Voltage - Connection requirements - Length of Leads - Location and shape of cut-outs or holes for thermocouples Special requirements should be supported by drawings, template or example.

Sealed Type (Type NS)

In Brass or Stainless Steel with Metal Braided 3 Core Lead

25mm DIA. 30mm DIA. 32mm DIA. 35mm DIA. 38mm DIA. 40mm DIA. 45mm DIA. 48/50mm DIA.
25x25x100W 30x22x140W 32x25x150W 35x22x150W 38x22x180W 40x22x180W 45x22x200W 48x22x220W
25x30x100W 30x30x150W 32x30x150W 35x30x200W 38x30x200W 40x30x200W 45x30x225W 50x22x230W
25x35x150W 30x34x200W 32x40x200W 35x38x225W 38x38x250W 40x38x250W 45x38x275W 50x34x310W

Standard Barrel Type (Type BS)

With 1 metre Fibreglass Leads

2½" DIA. 3" DIA. 3½" DIA. 4" DIA. 4½" DIA. 5" DIA. 5½" DIA. 6" DIA.
2½"x2"x350W 3"x2"x400W 3½"x2"x500W 4"x2"x750W 4½"x2"x900W 5"x2"x1,000W 5½"x2"x1,000W 6"x2"x1,200W
2½"x3"x400W 3"x3"x500W 3½"x3"x750W 4"x3"x1,000W 4½"x3"x1,200W 5"x3"x1,250W 5½"x3"x1,350W 6"x3"x400W