Processing the Perfect Pie Using Heating Elements

We manufacture a range of mica and ceramic heaters and thermocouples that are held around the food dies to apply heat. Call Heaterbands on 0121 772 0033 for more information.

Heating elements play an intrinsic role in the creation of precise casings for a broad variety of food stuffs, helping to ensure a perfect crust for pies, tarts and many more speciality items everytime! Interchangeable forming Dies in a selection of rim styles e.g. plain, gear, daisy petal, spider, can be adopted and are produced for domestic and imported foil and reusable pans of any manufacture. The simple design, hard wearing construction and easy operation of a Press ensures a trouble-free production and the finished crust is superior to one that has been rolled. Cookie and specialty crumb crusts that cannot be rolled or sheeted are easily formed as rolled crusts often have stresses and grains from too much handling. Crusts formed on a strip heated Press are flaky and tender.

Anyone can learn to operate a Press in a few minutes and the simple operating procedure requires little effort and minimises operator fatigue. Solid aluminium Dies are water immersible for easy cleaning with the Die heating system element being part of the Press, not the Die. Forming Dies are custom made of solid aluminium for the pan selected and special Dies can be manufactured to fit pans used for specialty items. Die equipment can benefit from the addition of thermostatically controlled electric heaters and compressed air release systems to prevent deformation of a product.

The application of heating elements (and specifically strip heaters) in the Die Press production of food is generally considered both cost-effective and easy to install, providing dependable surface-contact heating, particularly over wide areas. Easy to control, strip heaters can be purchased in a wide variety of wattages and are available in regular strip and finned constructions.