Heating Elements and Tropical Aquariums


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Most aquarium fish come from warm waters and need to be housed in water that is maintained above room temperature, ranging from 22-30°C (71-86°F). Aquarium heating elements keep temperatures stable no matter what it's like outside, which is vital since fish don't produce their own body heat (and enjoy consistent conditions).

Heating elements such as cartridge heaters, are used for various applications including the heating of liquids. Cartridge immersion heaters are ideal for the purpose of heating the water of an aquarium. Typically, the heater is wired in a control circuit that regulates operation of the heater to maintain a desired temperature. This may be done with a separate temperature or thermal switch. A thermal switch, such as a thermostat, has a control contact wired in series with the heater to control operation of the heater and ensure the water is neither too hot or too cold – avoiding potential disaster for the dwelling fish who cannot cope with the stresses of rapid changes!

Cartridge immersion heating elements are designed for prolonged immersion in liquid. They consist of a glass tube containing a heating element wound about a ceramic or glass insert. Some glass immersion heaters also contain sand. In a small aquarium, one heater element can be used, however, in larger tanks it is advisable to use two or more heaters to make up the required wattage. This not only gives a more even heat distribution but gives an extra safety margin - if one heater fails then the other heater will provide some heat and the malfunction should be noticed before the water temperature drops significantly.

All tropical aquarium fish know that a cartridge immersion heating element is their best mate – well for four seconds at a time anyway!