Injection Moulding and Your Car

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The manufacturing process of injection moulding using heating elements, from both thermoplastic (a polymer that turns to a liquid when heated and freezes to a very glassy state when cooled sufficiently), and thermosetting plastic materials, are used to produce a wide variety of parts from the smallest component to entire body panels of cars.

An example of a car part suitable for manufacture via the process of injection moulding is a rear wing body panel.  These parts will differ in shape and size dependent on the specifications of the vehicle on which they are to be fitted.  Therefore, for every car type the panel dimensions will need to be accounted for prior to manufacture, so that the correct sized mould can be made.  Such moulds are made from (usually) either steel or aluminium and will be precision-machined to form the features of the required part.

Heating elements, particularly band heaters, are widely used in the plastic moulding industry to heat barrels and nozzles carrying molten plastic for injection moulding.  Typically, in the manufacture of car panels, band heaters will be utilised to heat the barrels of the injection moulding machinery.  Material is fed into the heated barrel, mixed, and then forced into the engineered mould cavity using a plunger which acts like a screw or a ram into the engineered mould cavity.  Finally, it cools and hardens in the pre-set panel shape, ready for the next stage of its journey to become, perhaps, part of the next McClaren’s winning F1 car ...